Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Changes coming


Almost ready!
Waiting for the confirmation,
can not wait!

Surprise for everyone!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Any place she is will not be honest

or safe.  I love Blogger and there are many nice blog sites out there including WordPress.  She has moved her blog to WordPress (WP) a little while ago.  Now her her new post on her old one says " A place that holds all of us in a safe and nurturing, inspiring and creative, positive space of honesty and truth, peace and vulnerable sharing".

Many of you may not know WP, and some of you do.  Now honest bloggers should have no fear where they blog, most change because one may have a easier template or in able you to download more on to your blog.

Boho Mom is not a honest blogger.  She never has been.  I have read a lot of her blog and have found lies that she has posted almost right from the beginning.

Also I you leave a comment that she doesn't like (in most cases pointing out some lie) she removes and attacks the writer.  No one reading her blog ever sees both sides of anything.

I understand removing something that hurts another but, to her, pointing out lies upsets her, I think some times that she really believes everything she writes, to the point that her new lies now some how make her old ones null and void~~ Almost like they do on sitcoms and soap operas, they always find a way to correct something to make it fit in to the new direction of the show, hoping people will not notice or care.  It is a show, no one really cares!  We live in the real world.  You can not change the past, including lies.

Now I have a WP blog, it is a way for me to share and follow WP blogs.  When I was learning how to use it, I did notice a few big differences than blogger.  At first the one was not to bad, how many of us have commented on a blog but made a mistake??  I have, learned quick that only way to fix was to redo.  Did not like doing that so put corrections under reply.  Well on WP you can change the comment.  Did not think of it again until she moved there.  Than went back and tried something.  Now most bloggers are honest and try to keep things real.  Usually reading the comments proves this.

Well on WP the creator of the blog can also alter comments, even made by someone else.  She now has a blog that only some may read.  Now if she lets someone in, they make a bad comment to her, guess what??  She can change it to a good one!!!  You say:  But the writer see it!  No they want see this new improved comment, why you ask?  Because once she is done altering it she will remove the person from her viewer list!

She points out my blogs and emails, but if you look you will see each blog leans toward a different subject.  I did this on purpose, this way those who only want to read on certain things can, without reading stuff they don't want to.  I am not doing this for popularity or stats, I just like doing it.  If I can make someone smile or see something differently or even point them to a good book or another blog, that is all I want!  That is what matters to me!  I don't hide my blogs, anyone can see them.  As for the emails, well when I buy the site for a year, you get a free email with the site, waste not to use it.  In fact the first site I bought gave me 5, they changed it since than now you only get 1.

Now Boho is not a honest person, she hides what she can, she now is hiding her blog, which must upset her that she lost her followers, and is now disparately trying to replace them.   Chances are most did not follower her to her new blog.  I think that is why she keeps her old blog up, hoping to get some who haven't seen it in a while to come back.  Guess she doesn't realize that what she has written there will motivate people to join just to see what is going on.  Plus I will glad promote her new blog, it is one of my goals, to get her as many members as possible! just to prove my point! She will never know who sent who or for what reason.  Me just want all to see her lies!  She also hides her IP address, don't really understand why, sure most may not be able to track it back or decipher it, but there are many who can, if you want to learn how, you can, right the internet.  She believes the misdirection that police and authorities can not do that or prove where something is written but she is sadly mistaken. In most case they just don't want to put the time or energy into it.  Will only trace it when pushed by a need.

To me the only one hiding is her.


She says she is not lying?

What does she fear?

Not little old me, is it?

Not the truth, can't be.

So why hide????

Thought she wanted the world to praise her for raising a daughter, all by herself, with no help?  Or going to school(TWICE -  didn't finish the first time)?

So what is she hiding???????????

Alice M

Monday, 8 April 2013

Okay for all those who want to

follow, remember to make sure you are not following any of my blogs(including this one) under the name of Alice M or Foxy M(my cat).  You can follow if you want by email or privately, if you follow publicly she will never let you read her blog. {Oh yea wonder if she realizes that people can not send a link with the request through the page they would have to email her, most would just click the link to her new blog easier and faster than email}

It will be worth reading!  Just today she posted on her old web address this lie:
"causing shit in families who are of no relation to her and no business of hers,"
Wow does she know something I don't??  I do believe my sister and my niece are related to me, they are my family. My blood is my business and her continued attack on me is my business!  Really what kind of adult calls people this(and this is from today only):
"hateful, bitter, despicable, repulsive, libelous, abhorrent, fraudulent, delusive, pond-scum of the internet  and trailer park/white trash behaviour, her low character and even lower intelligence

Well I can not wait to see what she will call me when my next move is done!!  So looking forward to it!!  Wish is was done now!

I actually look forward to working on it, I have been in such a good mood lately, I can not think of anything that would bring me down.

The way I see it, she is to chicken to email me (guess her lawyer is too), she goes to my sister and her husband to stop me, that will only hurt them (he is the brother she cares and worries about so much that she and her family decided to email him on his vacation to stop me) like he or my sister can do that, nope.  I sent an email to some of her family in hopes they would try and stop her, but nope they ran to my family to stop me.  Now if they can't stop her- she started this years ago-why in the world do they think my family can stop me???  In fact my family will not know what I am doing until it is done.  Decided they can't stop what they don't know is coming.

Boho will wish she never ever said one bad word to my family!  That is not a threat, everything will be above the board and legal!  I can't not wait!

The only way this will end is in court, I have told her that and I told my sister that, after those emails Boho sent to all those people in November last year.   If she had kept her mouth shut, fingers off the keyboard she would not be going through this now.  But her constant need to lie and tell everyone has brought us to this.

Everything that is about to happen is all on Boho.  If she was a nice person and not always telling lies about others and threatening others she would not be in the position she is now.  She may think I am "low character and even lower intelligence" but she will learn very quickly that I am not, what I don't know I learn.  I learn fast and without help.  Been like that since grade 7 when my math teacher said I would work faster on my own, that class room teaching was actually slowing me down.  Ran in to the problem in high-school too.  Called the board of education.

I have always fought for what I believe is right.  When it came to just me, I will put up with a lot but put others that I love in pain or those who can not defend themselves, I react quickly.  And I never ever give up.

No one has the right to purposely hurt others, no one.  I am not hurting Boho or her daughter, I am defending me and my family.  I will never let another person have to go through this.  I want to teach this lesson to her, you pay for you lies.  I could lose everything but as long as she and her daughter learns that one lesson I will be the happiest person in the world.  She really has no idea what true love is.  She doesn't even know what caring means, she brought her daughter into this, had her daughter lie about me, even posted the lies, does that sound like a loving caring mother?? She says she cares for her brother but for years bullied his family.  That kind of caring and love can destroy the receiver.

Alice M

Friday, 29 March 2013

The Conversation has moved

Contact me for address.

The site ready by late Friday early Saturday.

If you want to see her side see if she will show you by joining her site at: 

I am sure she would like some new members.